Sound Designer

My website is currently under construction. If we met at GDC or if you want to keep in touch, please add me on Linked In.

Latest projects :

Broken Mind

Sound Designer and Music Producer of this project.
Broken Mind is a puzzle game about the Alzheimer's disease. The scene takes place in a fantasy world where the main character, Tanwen, explores fragments of her memory in order to find her long forgotten soulmate, Leila.
This game was made with Unreal Engine 4 and Audiokinetic Wwise.

Little Book

Sound Designer of this project.
Little Book is a very immersive game where you play a child, trying to read, hidden under your blanket because it's bed time and your mother told you to sleep. Enjoy a unique experience using multiple original devices : a real book, a real blanket and a bed ! This is a VR experience with binaural audio diffusion.
This game was made with Unity 5 and Audiokinetic Wwise. It's a VR game with binaural audio, using an Arduino card.
Little Book was showcased at Alt Ctrl GDC 2016 ! To learn more about this project, you can read our interview by Gamasutra here.


Music Producer of this project.
Squares is a puzzle reflex game by LEAP Game Studios released on Sony's PlayStation Vita.

I update my Facebook page weekly with Sound Design demos, music works in progress and anything related to audio. I also love to produce electronic music during my spare time by the name of Cinabre.
You are welcome to take a look and leave a message, follow this link.