Sound Designer

My website is currently under construction. If we met at GDC or if you want to keep in touch, please add me on Linked In.

Latest projects :

Broken Mind

Sound Designer and Music Producer of this project.
Broken Mind is a puzzle game about the Alzheimer's disease. The scene takes place in a fantasy world where the main character, Tanwen, explores fragments of her memory in order to find her long forgotten soulmate, Leila.
We're currently developping it, follow our devblog here.

You can watch our last prototype demo on the video below at 18m25s :

Little Book

Sound Designer of this project.
Little Book is a very immersive game where you play a child, trying to read, hidden under your blanket because it's bed time and your mother told you to sleep. Enjoy a unique experience using multiple original devices : a real book, a real blanket and a bed ! This is a VR experience with binaural audio diffusion.
Little Book was showcased at Alt Ctrl GDC 2016 ! To learn more about this project, you can read our interview by Gamasutra here.


Music Composer and Producer of this project.
Squares is a puzzle reflex game by LEAP Game Studios released on Sony's PlayStation Vita.

I update my Facebook page weekly with Sound Design demos, music works in progress and anything related to audio. I also love to produce electronic music during my spare time by the name of Cinabre.
You are welcome to take a look and leave a message, follow this link.